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Mabry Hastings is the Founder and lead designer at The Flowered Blue. Mabry started working with florals at the age of 16 with her best friend.

Since then Mabry has grown her business and love for flowers into a genuine passion for weddings and people. Mabry loves using flowers to make people smile and have more fun.

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What started out as helping a friend with their floral business blossomed into owning one myself. Although I was just 16 when I started working in the wedding industry, I picked up on everything quickly. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs that love people and I knew that whatever I did in life would be focused on others around me. 

I truly love flowers but it's the people and the fun they bring to my job that makes all the hard work worth it. God's handiwork is one of the best materials to work with. I could have been any type of business owner, but floristry fell into my lap and I've stayed because of the people I've met through it.

"Floristry fell into my lap and I've stayed because of the people I've met through it."

It's not everyday that you get to say you work with your sister and (mostly) enjoy it. Just kidding. I really enjoy it. I started working for Mabry when I was 12 years old. We like to get started at a young age in our family. I handle most of the nitty gritty work prior to events and help Mabry design larger install and centerpieces on wedding days.

While cleaning buckets isn't at all glamorous, the beauty I am surrounded by everyday makes this job fulfilling.

"The beauty I am surrounded by everyday makes this job fulfilling."

am obsessed with color.

Most people don't know that I:

my husband.

My favorite person in the world is:

spend time at home.

When it's not wedding season, I:

the bouquet reveal.

My favorite part of a wedding is:

a travel blogger.

If I weren't a floral designer, I'd love to be:

a chai tea latte in hand.

During wedding season, I usually have:

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- Carson Cotrino, Bride

"My bouquet took my breath away (she even added succulents to it like I asked), and the dining space looked like it could be in a magazine! Mabry worked very professionally with my wedding planner on the day of my wedding when weather spoiled all our plans and we had to execute Plan B and C! She made our wedding day so special."

- Breana Love, Bride

"Mabry is so talented, professional, and amazing! She held our hand through the whole planning process in selecting arrangements, candles, and general vibe. Then, on the wedding day she was everywhere doing everything with such ease! I just showed up and everything was perfect!"

- Kellie King, Bride

"Mabry did the most amazing job with our wedding florals! I came to her originally with little idea of what I was even wanting for my floral wedding vision. Truthfully I had told myself in the beginning of wedding planning that the floral aspect wasn’t a top priority for me. I saw Mabry’s work on Instagram and was immediately blown away. I gave her some general ideas of what I had liked and disliked and BOY DID SHE DELIVER."

- Hailee Hindman, Bride

"Mabry was just the best. She made my vision come to life and even incorporated some last minute changes I brought to her. From my bouquet, to the hanging florals above the aisle, to the circle arch, and so much more, she executed it all perfectly."

- Kendall DeVinney, Bride

"I literally have only amazing things to say about this business! Mabry did such an amazing job making sure that the flowers on my wedding day were stunning and exactly what I wanted."

I'd like to say my Instagram is a perfectly curated, aesthetically please page but in reality it's just like me, sparkly, bubbly and a little all over the place!